Beef & Veggie Bowl

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share one of my go-to recipes I like to make for dinner. I am the kind of person where I like to constantly mix it up, and eat healthy, but without going through a million unnecessary steps. I know it can seem crazy to try and attain all of these things, but this recipe is SO easy and tastes FANTASTIC!

For dinner, I like to have one grain, one protein (usually meat), and LOTS of veggies!

For this dinner, I started out with a red and orange bell pepper, a straightneck squash, and some white mushrooms. While I was cutting all of those up and mixing them together in a bowl, Josh was cooking the meat with all of the seasonings. We also put our white rice to cook at this time. This recipe also pairs well with brown rice, wild rice, and quinoa!

When adding the spices, I find it easier to lightly coat the meat &/or veggies with a layer of each seasoning, rather than using measurements because 1. It saves on dishes and 2. It helps us to season our own food separately afterwards without skimping on the flavor! (As Josh and I have different preferences with savory food.) I will have exact measurements down below if you like to have a guide to follow!


After the beef had been cooked, I added in all of my veggies. At this step I also add a little bit of salt and pepper, and 1 Tbsp. of coconut oil as it gives a little added flavor to the veggies. I like to cook all of this in my skillet but a pan would work fine as well. I set it to a low heat after adding the veggies.

While those finish up cooking I check on the rice (or grain of your choosing). Since the rice was done I filled both of our bowls about half way, and waited for the veggies to finish cooking. (I love to eat anything and everything I can in my Rae Dunn bowls. They are just so cute!)


After everything was done, I filled the rest of our bowls with the beef and veggies!

That’s it! Super simple, super quick, and SUPER DELICIOUS!

Thank you guys for reading my post and I will talk to you all in my next post!

Click Below to download the Recipe!

Beef & Veggie Bowl Recipe***

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