Packing Up!

Hey Everyone! I hope you all are having a fantastic week so far!

Following my vacation post I wanted to give some tips and ideas for packing up for a family vacation with a little one!

Sophie just turned 10 months old and I wanted to make sure that we had absolutely everything we needed for this fun little vacation we were going to embark on.

Below you will see my process for packing up the little one and I, as well as lists and ideas on how to make sure it is smooth sailing!

To start off, I made 3 separate lists of what I was in charge of. Sophie, Myself and Snacks. Josh obviously packs himself so I did not have to worry about that. I did try to do all the laundry so everything was clean and we all had options to choose from.

The first list I started off with was for Sophie.

I have always been a “Just in Case” kind of person. So, I do end up packing a million things, but I love having options, and I have been in situations where packing extra comes in handy.


I started off by seeing how long we were going to be gone, and packing outfits for her based on how many days we were going to be gone, as well as PJs for how many nights we were going to be away. After that I decided to pack 3 extra onesies, (two to keep in the diaper bag and one at the hotel.) I packed away the rest of the clothes (socks, bathing suits or jackets, etc.) Next was bath time. I packed towels, washcloths and travel size shampoo, body wash, lotion, and anything else that we would need. (Sophie already has beautiful, long hair so we use detangler spray, her comb, hair elastics, hair accessories etc.)


Next, was my list. Like I said, I have always over-packed. So, do I absolutely need all of the outfits I packed? No. Is it nice to have options based on however I am feeling or the kind of day it is? Yes. I did the same thing for myself as I did for Sophie, planned out how many days/nights we were going to be gone and packed accordingly. I like to have options of shorts/pants/dresses. Casual and more dressed up. I like to pack at least 2 different shoe options, toiletries, and my makeup products. I always like to pack my hair straightener and curling iron, but never my low dryer because the hotel usually will have one. So, there is a space saver!

The last thing I always like to pack for myself is a book and/or and puzzle to keep me busy on the road trip. Josh usually drives, but I like to TRY and stay awake to keep him company. These things usually do the trick. I also packed up a few toys and books to entertain Sophie in the car as well as when we got to San Diego!


Lastly, I like to pack everything Josh and I both will need. This includes toiletries, snacks, drinks, and miscellaneous items. For road trips, I like to make snacks and small meals to keep with us in a cooler to save on time from stopping and also money!

We ended up bringing our cooler, and the night before I made sandwiches. We also had chips, any other salty snacks we wanted, and we each had a sweet snack. I also packed coffee, water, and sunflower seeds (Josh like to eat them to keep him awake).

My sister was sweet enough to House/ Dog Sit for us while we were away, so I also decided to set out some things for her that she might need as well as stocking up on some of her favorite snacks! I think this is a cool way to thank the person that is so kind to be helping you out!

There it is! Packing up for the trip! I hoped this helped or at least gave you some motivation to packing up (I always wait until the last minute!)!

Comment down below where you plan on going on vacation next!

Thank you all and I will talk to you in my next post!

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